Are you a plus-size woman on the hunt for the ideal sports bra for gyms? The quest for large-size bras may feel endless, but we’ve got you covered. In this blog post, we have penned a few proven tips and tricks to find the best sports bras for ample support.

Things to look for when purchasing a plus-size sports bra

A well-fitted plus-size sports bra is essential for all plus-size fitness enthusiasts since it can significantly enhance their exercise routine. Here are some tips to guide you in finding the perfect plus-size sports bra for your wardrobe:

  • A Snug Band

When searching for larger bras, prioritise those with a snug but not overly tight bands, as the sizing of sports bras plays a crucial role in ensuring comfort for your breasts. Surprisingly, over 70% of the support from your sports bra comes from its band, underscoring the importance of a well-fitted band that allows you to breathe.

To determine the right fit, wear your sports bra and attempt to slide two fingers between your chest and the band. If you can do so comfortably, the fit is perfect. If not, opt for a larger size to ensure a comfortable and supportive fit.

  • Full Cups

For a suitable bra for a heavy bust, opt for full cups, ensuring your breasts are completely enclosed without any overflow. A well-fitted bra should have cups free of wrinkles or gaps; if present, consider trying a smaller cup size or explore alternative bra options.

If your breasts spill out from the sides or top, indicating the cups are too small, choose a larger cup size for proper support. A good heavy bra aims to provide full support, preventing discomfort during workouts. Ensure that every part of your breasts is supported to avoid bouncing, making your exercise routine more comfortable and effective.

  • Straps That Do Not Dig in

While the majority of support, over 70%, comes from the sports bra’s bands, the remaining 20-30% is attributed to its straps. Like the band, the straps must be snug but not excessively tight. Utilise the two-finger test by sliding two fingers between the bra straps and your chest; a proper fit allows this comfortably.

Ensure that the bra straps don’t slide down your shoulders, which can disrupt a workout. You’d want to avoid constantly adjusting slipping straps for an uninterrupted exercise session.

  • A Bra with Good Shoulder Support

When shopping for a plus-size sports bra, prioritise those with good shoulder support, opting for wide straps for maximum convenience and comfort. If available, consider bras with cushioned straps.

A sports bra designed for big busts with wide shoulder straps alleviates discomfort and digging and helps keep the bra and your breasts securely in place. This contributes to a more enjoyable and power-packed workout experience.

  • Bra That Lies Flat Between Breasts

A well-fitted plus-size sports bra should lie flat between the breasts, ideal for daily use. However, this can pose a challenge with underwired sports bras. The region between the breasts should rest flat on your torso; if not, it suggests an incorrect cup size.

If the cups are too large, the underwire may be oversized for your breasts, preventing the bra from lying flat. Conversely, if the cup is too small, it can also affect the fit. Consider checking your bra cup size, or opt for wire-free plus-size sports bras as a preferable solution, eliminating the underwire concern.

Winding Up

Just as meticulous attention is given to securing the perfect fit when choosing gym t-shirts for women, the same, and perhaps even more, consideration is essential when shopping for a plus-size sports bra. Employ these straightforward tips in your quest for the ideal sports bra for plus-size women. 

The next time you navigate online for sports bras catering to bigger busts, enhance your shopping experience by bearing these guidelines in mind. These accelerate your selection process and guarantee that your investment is wisely directed towards a well-fitted, high-quality product.